Saturday, May 2, 2009

taGGed dr AimA

my first tagged from AIMA

1.Four names that friends call you:
-firdaus-cg2 kat skuwl pnggil aq
-p-daoh-nie ihti si kwn baek ku ske pnggil
-daoh-nie org rmai
-pi-cg yg ngajo aq keter

2. Four most important dates in your life:
-23 nov-my bufday
-13 nov-my mom bufday
-23 may-my dad bufday
-12 march
-arie2 cuti..
-Raya money..hahaha

3. Four things you've done in last 30 minutes:
-updated my blog
-ym nge kwn2 ku..
-dgr lagu
-tgk tv..btw tv umoh aq jst sbloh kom jerk

4. Four ways to be happy:
-wat WAKENA BEB kat org
-listening to music!!aha...
-tgk citer chuck...
-maen msj nge kwn2ku

5. Four people you miss from the past:
-my family
-my frenz
-my frenz
-my frenz

6. Four gifts you would like to receive:
-wat umrah...
-my own car...
-the latest laptop equipped wif newest technologies..
-a house..

7. Four of your favourite hobbies:(same wif AIMA)
-killing people..
-cursing people..
-punching people..
-being a cannibal..

8. Four places or country you want to go for vacation:

9. Four favourite drinks:
-jus semangke(tembikai lam bhse jawe)
-sky juice
-milo-air minumanku pada pg hari...

10. Four things always found in your bag/handbag:

11. Four favourite colours:

12. Top four hangouts:
-kat PSM...muahaha
-lam klinik kakak aq...(bsan nk mapuh)
-kem CANCUN PARK..hak8...
-lam blik tdow aq

13. Top four you love so much:
-my parents..
-adek bradek ku..
-5 org kwn cipanku
-my friends..

14. Top four things special to you:
-my hp
-my bedroom
-my future laptop..

15. Top four you will tag:
-as a friend

16. Four top reasons why you answered this survey:
-aima yg bg tao mser aq ym nge yer
-aq kn sorg yg bertanggungjwb
-sbb tataw nk update sal per lam blog aq
-tataw r...sjer2 kowt..muahaha


@im@ CK said...

kiter pnyer hobi yg samer..